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The theory goes on to say that the Mannings heard about this rumor online.

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We have, however, come across some widely passed rumors in our years, and thought worth passing along this gem (which is more than more than likely to be false).

There have been a lot of theories and rumors to support the idea that there are many “open marriages” amongst the ranks of professional athletes.

An unfounded rumor about Peyton being in an extramarital relationship with local Indianapolis meteorologist Angela Buchman ran rampant for a good chunk of his time with the Colts.

Conversely, back in 2011, we learned through the Internet about Peyton Manning’s kids.

- Committed embezzlement (exposed to Hanna and Caleb) -Had an affair with Darren Wilden (exposed to The Liars) - Was caught on video with Wilden doing something Hanna didn't know about (exposed to Hanna) - Hit Wilden with the car and left the scene (exposed to The Liars and Caleb Rivers) - Was in possession of Tom Marin's gun (exposed to The Liars) - Had a one night stand with Jason Di Laurentis (exposed) - Stole backup drive to protect Hanna Ashley Marin is Hanna Marin's mother.