Virgin births predating jesus

In these the Virgin Mary is represented as a black negress, and often with the face veiled in the true Isis fashion.

When Christianity absorbed the pagan myths and rites it also adopted the pagan statues, and renamed them as saints, or even as apostles.

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1, 20) Later, the first king of the ten-tribe kingdom, Jeroboam, set up a calf worship at Dan and Bethel. Perhaps the most curious and best known variant of the bull-lover theme is the story about Pasiphae, the wife of Minos.

(1Ki , 29) Of course, according to God's law to Israel, no veneration whatsoever, not even in a representative way, was to be given to the bull or any other animal. She was said to have developed a violent passion for the bull which Poseidon (Neptune) had sent to her husband.

In India similar figures are not uncommon, many of them representing Devaki with the babe Krishna at her breast, others representing various less well-known Indian divinities.

It is difficult to assign the exact position in the divine hierarchy which polytheists believed their various gods to occupy.

All of the commonly used major ancient church creeds have also mentioned the virgin birth.