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If you’ve had many boyfriends or girlfriends, your exes might play havoc with your marriage. If you’ve had children with one or more of your exes, there could be “baby mama drama.” Indeed, having multiple sexual partners prior to marriage significantly increases the chances of getting divorced.

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Additional tests revealed that the relation seems to function more or less the same for everyone: male or female, less or more educated, religious or irreligious, intact or nonintact family of origin, and limited versus extensive sexual history prior to marriage.

For almost everyone, the late twenties seems to be the best time to tie the knot.

It appears to be a trend that’s gradually developed over the past twenty years: a study based on 2002 data observed that the divorce risk for people who married in their thirties was flattening out, rather than continuing to decline through that decade of life as it previously had. The first step to answering this question is to see if the pattern persists after adjusting for a variety of social and demographic differences between survey respondents.

Indeed it does: thirty-something marriage continues to yield a higher divorce rate even after controlling for respondents’ sex, race, family structure of origin, age at the time of the survey, education, religious tradition, religious attendance, and sexual history, as well as the size of the metropolitan area that they live in.

Scholars have long known that youthful marriage is a strong predictor of divorce.


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