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Updating sudoers

If a variable in the PAM environment is already present in the user's environment, the value will only be overridden if the variable was not preserved by sudoers. Note that user names and groups are matched as strings.

When Note that the dynamic linker on most operating systems will remove variables that can control dynamic linking from the environment of setuid executables, including sudo. In other words, two users (groups) with the same uid (gid) are considered to be distinct.

When you install packages with a GUI interface (the Update Manager, the Software Center, or the Synaptic Package Manager), the work of than by the automatic check performed by running the Software Updater / Update Manager? And are you able to you make it happen again, or has it happened just the one time? (Btw, is this intended as a separate answer, or should it be converted to a comment?

If it's an isolated anomaly, I wonder if maybe the problem is due to a temporary server misconfiguration.

For example would install the Guake terminal as it is currently listed in my computer's local software lists.


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