prague dating website - Updating packages with xfce in slackware

As for installation methods, it really is consistence.You install from (or the other compatible archives) files.

These are the official tools, installpkg, removepkg, explodepkg, makepkg, and then slackpkg which is a wrapper around those tools much like apt-get is around dpkg.

Of course none of these tools resolves dependencies as that is what the administrator is for.

The official method to install a Slackbuild is to do so manual per the instructions on the site there is however a great tool called sbopkg which provides similar features to what slackpkg does only specifically for the slackbuilds repos.

Sbopkg is a fantastic tool that takes some of the intimidation out of the manual slackbuild process and was developed by Chess Griffin (of Linux Reality Podcast fame).

Slackpkg is a good package manager for slackware that help the user to keep updated its installation.