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If your boyfriend leaves his phone around you when he's not in the room, he obviously trusts you to be near his phone without getting sneaky. Source: Shutter Stock How would you feel if you found out your boyfriend was secretly looking through your phone, reading all of your private text messages and checking up on your phone history?

Trust is one of the most important qualities to have in a relationship. You'd probably feel pretty violated, annoyed and hurt.

It’s been over a year since that post went up, but it still gets tons of comments from girls who say that looking through your boyfriend’s phone is totally okay – in fact, they encourage it. Trust me – snooping through your BF’s text messages is not okay!

Honestly, I don’t care what kind of explanations you give me, there is really no excuse for going through a phone that isn’t yours.

If your BF did nothing wrong and found out you snooped, he's going to get pissed, but also he's going to be totally frustrated with your lack of confidence.