Speed dating augsburg zebra

Pairing off is an expensive process, and not just because the price of red roses spikes around Valentine's Day.Humans idealize an enchanted meeting, romantic courtship, and happily ever after.

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"Is it a matter of personality matching, synchronisation/coordination of activities, or a matter of stimulation/motivation by your partner in investing all the work it takes to raise a family, as our exploratory analyses tend to suggest? The innovative part of this experiment was the focus on behavioral compatibility, the fact that finches stuck in a "loveless marriage" were obviously less interested in each other, and it affected the chicks negatively.

Ihle said the study suggests it is a matter of motivation, with each partner being willing to help out with the kids, but this could be more definitively tested with a twin study.

Researchers Malika Ihle, Bart Kempenaers, and Wolfgang Forstmeier used zebra finches, a species of bird that – like humans – chooses mates based on characteristics known only to themselves, mate for life, and raise their children together.

Their experiment involved 160 birds, who were chosen in groups of 20 males and 20 females for a "speed-dating" exercise.

While most animals streamline courtship practices, humans keep updating their dating profiles without regard for evolutionary fitness.