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13-85 calling for and giving notice of the holding of a General Municipal election to be held on Tuesday, April 8, 2014 and Ordinance No. 13-86 authorizing certain Council Members to submit arguments regarding the UUT measure and directing the City Attorney to prepare the impartial analysis of the measure; No.

13- 87 providing for the filing of rebuttal arguments for City measures; and No.

13-88 adopting regulations for candidates’ statements submitted to the voters.

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Approval of Minutes from the Regular City Council meeting of November 26, 2013.

Reports of individual Council Member activities relating to City business occurring since the last City Council meeting. Introduction of Sierra Madre Rose Float Princesses Water Conservation Update Recommendation that the City Council approve Resolution No.

Now there was a closed session with the City Attorney.

A strictly hush-hush get together with the greatest legal mind we've ever known plus our elected City Council officials. Sierra Madre's Sex Offender Ordinance was passed with great fanfare by the City Council in open session a few years back.

“As an elected official and as a mother, I’m concerned about the health and safety of our young people who don’t have a voice,” said Carson Councilwoman Lulu Davis-Holmes.