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As you know, the online dating market is INCREDIBLY competitive, and the fact that The Art Of Approaching has not only survived, but thrived in this market says a great deal about the value customers are getting from this site. All products are in digital form, and sold completely online.

After customers purchase the product, they are sent to a webpage with simple step-by-step instructions on how to download it. I offer a great deal of value, not only with my product, but with follow-up sequences designed to deliver extreme value to my customers after they purchase the products.

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Because of this, customers rarely ask for their money back. In addition to the low refund rate, my affiliates find that they get more value for the traffic they send to my site than others.

My special affiliate software tracks cookies for 90 days.

That entirely depends on your skill as an affiliate.

I can assure you that on my end, I am continually testing and improving my product and sales process to maximize conversion rates.

I've even had affiliates who stopped promoting my site (briefly) who continued to make money for months afterward due to people they sent to my newsletter buying from me.