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Sally March Thanks for your comment and you're right in that everyone's conduct creates the workplace culture - employees, contractors, clients, partners, etc.

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Joe Spiegler Payments like these should raise red flags for you.

Sometimes such payments are illegal in the country in which they are being made.

I recognize it's not professional, but would like to know if this could be viewed as creating a hostile work environment. Phyllis Cheng Thanks for your question about foul language.

Foul language, by itself and without reference to a protected personal characteristic, cannot create a "hostile work environment" as that term is defined under fair employment laws.

Whether or not your co-worker works as hard as you is probably less helpful than asking whether your co-worker is negatively impacting co-workers due to a poor work ethic.


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    Students who have experienced a sexual assault, sexual violence, or other crimes may seek advice, assistance, and resources from the Dean of Compliance and Judicial Affairs, Dean of Student Development, Educational Planning, Counseling and Completion*, or the College’s Title IX Coordinator.

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