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Soon after the label dropped him from their roster and Hubbard has since distanced himself from the album, saying, "It sucked then and it still sucks.If you have any shred of compassion at all in your heart for me or any musician who got screwed by some jerk in authority at a record label, then don't buy this mistake." Hubbard then recorded albums for other various labels for the next 10 years but struggled with sales; his mix of country, folk and blues elements did not find an audience.

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I wouldn’t mind hiking through the mountains, like Reese Witherspoon in Wild, but only if I could set up my tent at day’s end in a four-star hotel room with great room service. I’m grateful for my health, my wonderful wife, my old friends and the new ones I’m making at my volunteer job.

I read that Bill Clinton’s bucket list has this entry: “Ride a horse across the Gobi desert to the place where people think Genghis Khan is buried.” That wouldn’t work for me because I dislike horses and have since I was 16 and bet $10 — my week’s pay as a grocery bagger at Sobeys — on a sure thing at the Gold Cup and Saucer harness races in Charlottetown. My mother is 93, and knows more about hockey than I ever will.

While most of these artists probably detest being labeled as a new generation of outlaws, their style and sound is certainly indebted to it. Leonard Cohen is known by many names, but first and foremost he’s known for his songs.

And just like their predecessors, these modern day songsmiths manage to keep country music just as relevant today. By far one of the most unique, fascinating, and idiosyncratic artists in the 20th century, Cohen is still going strong well into his eighties.

Two decades later, the detention class of 1996 still sounds as youthful and rebellious as ever. Celebrated throughout the 1970s for his deeply introspective, poetic and highly literate lyrics, Browne’s music embodies that decade’s cultural zeitgeist.