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Later, Danny, Wes and Rachel set out to interview the band Hellogoodbye, but can't find their campsite; and Lacey is caught on film talking trash about Rachel.With the deadline on the documentary looming, the housemates leave the editing to budding filmmaker Nehemiah.According to, her military experience made her resilient, confident, and outspoken.

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Included: Rachel, who served as a combat nurse in Iraq; quick-witted Melinda, from Milwaukee; Johanna, who works in a children's shelter, from Riverside, Cal.; Lacey, who works in a beauty salon in Tallahassee; sheltered Danny, from Billerica, Mass.; competitive Wes, from near Kansas City, Kan.; and Nehemiah, from Mesa, Ariz. Also: Johanna asks Nehemiah to not let her drink too much, but when he tries to intercede at a bar, she pushes him away.

Later, a fistfight erupts between several roomies and local revelers.

The night before the film is due to premiere at the Austin Film Society, however, he heads out to a club, and Lacey and Melinda take turns editing the project.

Also: the housemates learn that they will be vacationing in Costa Rica.

Melinda dotes on Danny, who is nervous about his surgery and the arrival of his father.