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The living environment on the sole remaining planet, Trisolaris, is also extremely harsh: when the planet is within the orbit range of one sun, it enters a short era of stable day-night cycle, which the native Trisolarans term as Stable Era; when the planet is trapped between the orbits of multiple suns, its day-night cycle becomes distorted, and the days may become extremely hot should the planet be too close to any of the suns, or extremely cold if otherwise, and this period is termed as a Chaotic Era.Throughout the centuries, with the rise and abrupt terminations of many civilizations, Trisolarans have learned to predict the movement of the suns for several years at a time, and evolved to be able to hydrate and dehydrate their bodies to adapt to the environment of the Stable Eras and Chaotic Eras.Eight years later in 1979, Ye Wenjie received the first response by a concerned pacifist Trisolaran Information Receptionist, warning her not to reply, as the Trisolaran civilization was hostile and invasive.

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In the meantime, they remained in contact with Ye Wenjie and gave her instructions to prepare for the coming of Trisolarans, while concealing their real motives.

Ye and Mike Evans, the heir of a rich American oil tycoon and a "pan-species communist", then established the Earth-Trisolaris Organization (ETO), calling upon people who have lost faith in human society to prepare and welcome the arrival of their new Trisolaran overlords on Earth.

At one time, taking on the persona of Copernicus, Wang manages to explain to other players and NPCs the nature of the three-body world, earning himself respect within the Three Body community.