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Scammers or fraudsters may be on dating sites and social networks setting up fake profiles.

This article draws from three qualitative studies: an analysis of posts from a public online support group, in-depth interviews with victims of this crime and an interview with a Serious Organised Crime Agency officer to outline the anatomy of this scam.

It is argued here that there are five distinct stages of this crime.

The figures were down from 2013, but Ms Rickard said these kind of scams were still a significant issue in the ACT."[In 2013] people in the ACT reported to the ACCC about $1.6 million lost to romance scams," she said.

"This year the numbers are down, which is great ...

They may have been divorced, they may have been widowed, or the kids may have left home."They're lonely and they've looking for a meaningful relationship."Ms Rickard urged anybody who suspected they might have fallen victim to an online romance scammer to go to where an extensively list of tell-tale signs to watch for was available.