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That's where the club Taurasi plays for overseas, UMMC Ekaterinburg, comes into play.

The team has offered Taurasi a deal: more than her WNBA salary to not play at all this summer.

With my team in Russia, a conversation began about making sure I'm at an elite level for a long time with them.

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In other words, there is a sense of solidarity among most female players.

They want to grow the WNBA, which by professional sports standards is still in its infancy.

But when Taurasi announced Tuesday that she has decided to sit out the 2015 WNBA season at the request of her Russian Premier League team, it wasn't just about rest; it was also about money.

Sure, Taurasi has been going full speed for more than a decade, but she wouldn't sit out this upcoming season if the move didn't make financial sense.

(The league is just 17 years old.) These players hear the skeptics; they hear those who say a professional women's sports league won't work, that no one will watch, that no one cares.


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