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car for Waltrip, as a teammate to Dale Earnhardt Jr. Big E, of course, continued to drive the notorious black No. Offseason testing had gone so well for the DEI team that when they arrived at Daytona, "I was confident that I not only could win races, but I could win the championship," Waltrip recalled. DW's little brother must now put up or shut up in the DEI cars that were just beginning to threaten dominance, especially on restrictor-plate tracks."And I would say, and I meant it, and I remember thinking it: 'The pressure is off. I believe this is the ride I can go win races with.'"Then on Thursday, in his 125-mile qualifying race, he missed a shift on the last restart, lost his opportunity to win and dampened his great feeling -- "the restart screwed with it. I should have won that race yesterday.' He said, 'No, you shouldn't have. And you've got to get to the end.'"Waltrip's next memory, and his last one of talking with Earnhardt, is this: "Buffy coordinated with Teresa [Earnhardt's wife] for us four to walk out to pit road together. first and me second, Dale would have done the same thing "After the final restart, "It was still a couple more laps before he got it all lined up, 1-2-3."I guarantee you there's no way I could have done what Dale did, and I don't believe Dale Jr. "Reason I say that is one time, I think with 12 to go, Sterling makes it all the way to there [up alongside Waltrip]. So if it wasn't for Dale, one might think that they would have gotten us, for sure "Listen to the funny thing about the plan: I'm running around there, 10 to go, nine to go, eight to go, looking in my mirror, and all I can see is that red car [Dale Jr.'s Budweiser No.

But as Speedweeks opened, "People would say, 'A lot of pressure now, right? But Dale fixed all that."Earnhardt wound up making winless Michael Waltrip feel even more confident than ever. I should have.'"I said, 'I missed a shift.'"He said, 'I don't care about that. 8], and I thought: Wonder if he knows about this plan."I didn't know him at all.

Bad wrong Who went through a postrace press conference from whence he remembers no questions or answers, and then skipped the rest of the celebration and climbed into a van with his wife, Buffy, to be driven to the privacy of their motor coach Who asked as they rode, "What's going on?

" Who saw his wife shake her head, heard her say, "It's not good."Who, in the silence of the coach, in the blink of his wife's tear-filled eyes, heard, "He's dead.""Everything since then has been affected by that day," Waltrip said of his life as he sat in his dark, richly appointed office in the Michael Waltrip Racing building that houses his team, a museum and fan attractions."If you look around here, I've got a big race shop and a couple of Daytona 500 trophies [he won another in 2003] and --"But I don't have a wife anymore. And so obviously, a lot has gone down in the last nine years for me."That is why he decided to write a book about it, currently a New York Times best-seller, entitled "In the Blink of an Eye: Dale, Daytona, and the Day that Changed Everything."And that is why he agreed to sit down with for a lengthy interview about it.

Friday morning, "I slipped out of my motor home to go to the garage and check on the team. And it was funny."He stuck his head out the door and came out and yelled at me, 'Hey! I want to talk about how we're gonna win this race.'"Because of the rules, with the aero package they had, he said, 'There's no way one guy's gonna win this race. And I thought, 'Well, it sure would have been a good idea to ask him before now.' I guess you're not going to find out until the very end, are you? Dale told me what we were going to do and I'm like, 'That's cool. I'll do whatever you say, boss.'"Then I forgot to check with the other guy to see if he was in or not."But that sort of [began] a theme with Dale Jr. We had all that success with restrictor-plate racing through '02, '03 and those years [11 wins in 16 plate races between them, five at Daytona, six at Talladega, from 2001-04].

I almost felt like I was trying to tiptoe past Dale's bus. It's gonna take teamwork.'"Then he said, 'Me and you and Dale Jr. We're gonna work together.'"I said, 'Well, Steve Park -- he'll help too, right? And we never, one time, talked about what we were going to do."Always, our plan was, both of us knew what we were doing, we would both get to the front, and when we got there we would stick together.

But for now he was half-awake, half-dozing, half-savoring all that had come together. That's a little unrealistic."But all of a sudden, I'm like, 'Holy cow! We're getting ready to run to the end of this race '"There was no communication among the three cars sitting stopped, 1-2-3."This is my first race with them. I wanted them to think I was cool."So I just sat there in amazement at what I saw, and what all had happened."Waltrip said that as the field rolled again, "We went to pit road, and I think I went in first and came out fourth "With maybe 20 to go, I'm beside Dale, and for no reason I pull ahead of him and get in line. I remember thinking, 'I've never seen him let anybody in '"I think when Dale started his engine that day, he knew me or Dale Jr. I don't think he thought he was going to win it."I think he realized that he was the only one smart enough to ensure that the other guy won."He was blocking.


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