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I think the timing or even whether or not someone ever dates depends upon the needs of each individual.Some folks find being alone to be impossible to bear while others seem to be able to adjust and over time even enjoy that life.None of us knows how we will react if and when we are faced with living alone. Society seems to have some kind of unwritten rule that no one should do so for at least a year. I have no idea why one year is sacred and anything earlier is somehow not showing proper respect to the departed.

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Parents dating is a hot topic in Comfort Zone Camp’s Healing Circles and support groups.

As is often true in life, if you are not at a good place emotionally, the persons drawn to you will be in at that same place.

In addition, dating too soon adds an extra layer of stress on kids who are still adjusting to their “new normal,” without their loved one, and are not ready to accept or comprehend a new relationship.

And if you are at a point in your healing that you are ready to date, you are allowed to make that call—if you communicate and reassure your kids, they will likely come around.