Freddy and carly dating

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Then twenty minutes later a guy said to her " did you miss me?

" Carly said " you're late Nevel." Then Nevel said " i hope this will make it up to you." After he said that he kissed Carly.(at the i Carly studio)Sam said " it has been a while since Carly left i'm starting to worry about her." Then Freddy said " She is fine. Benson noticed this and tried to ask him what was wrong but Freddy just went to his room, locked the door, and broke down crying.(Mrs.

This role includes being an administrator for the i Carly website, creating the special effects used on the i Carly webcast, editing film clips for the show, and being a camera man.

Freddie is the oldest member of the i Carly trio and came up with the name i Carly for their webshow.

His personality is generally intellectual, very calm and even tempered when dealing with negative people or events. Examples of such equipment are the green screen, the flat screen monitor (which he made move 18% faster), Sam's remote, and various special effects.