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On 19 December, representatives of clubs affiliated with the Australian Rugby League gathered at the Sydney Football Stadium to decide whether to accept News Limited's offer of a settlement – eventually voting in favour by 36 votes to 4.

The National Rugby League (NRL) is the top league of professional rugby league clubs in Australasia.

Run by the Australian Rugby League Commission, the NRL's main competition is known as the Telstra Premiership due to sponsorship from Telstra Corporation and is contested by sixteen teams, fifteen of which are based in Australia with one based in New Zealand.

It contains clubs from the original Sydney club Rugby League competition, which had been running continuously since 1908.

The NRL formed in the aftermath of the 1990s' Super League war as a joint partnership between the Australian governing body, the Australian Rugby League (ARL) and media giant News Corporation-controlled Super League, This partnership was dissolved in February 2012, with control of the NRL going to the independently formed Australian Rugby League Commission.

One condition of the peace agreement between the ARL and News Limited was that there would be a 14 team competition in 2000.


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