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The publication of data on users’ behavior could be the first step to reducing racism and bias in online dating — and the cultivation of greater empathy may be key to reaching a solution.Just as there is an empathy gap between the wealthy and the poor, I believe there is an empathy gap in online dating.“Online dating is simply a technological layer that helps to remove some friction in the space, and makes it easier for people to meet other people that they were already more or less looking to meet.

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I haven’t been able to find this dating site that prompts users to engage in greater empathy. The responsibility, however, does not merely rest with the creators of online dating tools or podcast producers. Much like my attempt to quit Facebook, this latest digital abandonment might not stick.

I will gladly return if and when dating sites improve the experience.

Research shows that building empathetic connections between and among people across lines of difference and that lead to changes in behavior is incredibly difficult.

My time as the editor-in-residence and a lecturer at the Stanford University has taught me that, while it may be difficult to build these connections and design for these behavior changes, it is not impossible.

Until then, I will meet people in person to find those who can appreciate me for who — not what — I am.