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One night, Caroline, enraged that she’s been lied to, shows up at Sean’s apartment and slaps him.

When the Nashes return home, Ellie admits that she inures herself to cope with her drinking—”This is what it cost! ” Devastated at the impact she’s made on her daughter, Caroline allows Ellie to move in with Sean.

Despite beating her rival Paige Michalchuk (Lauren Collins) for a co-op with Degrassi alum Caitlin Ryan in “Whisper to a Scream,” Ellie feels desperate for control and continues cutting.

Paige finds Ellie in the bathroom and sees droplets of her blood in the sink and confronts her, insisting that she visit the school counselor Ms. Paige and Ellie aren’t exactly friends at this point, but Paige’s own painful experiences (see below) help her realize that Ellie needs help.

Our first glimpse of Albert, who takes out his anger on Craig, is scary — he bangs on the table and gets angry because Craig is late to dinner, showing his violent undertones.


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