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The face of an ancient female Egyptian mummy has been reconstructed with the help of 3D printing and forensic science techniques, an important step to better understand who she was.

Other crucial details about her health have also been gathered, completing the picture.

The temple, located not far from the city of Luxor, had been explored in the early 20 century but not entirely.

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This is an investigation that will be very interesting and will begin when the excavation season ends and after some restoration work," Seco Alvarez explains.

She also says that scans will be conducted to learn more about what state the mummy is in, and in the hope to gather more information about Amenrenef's identity and health.

"We were able to see that Meritamun has abscesses all around the teeth and gum.

This would have caused her a lot of pain and may have impacted her overall health", forensic Egyptologist Dr Janet Davey, from the Victorian Institute of Forensic Medicine, explained.

Once restoration and investigation works are completed, Egypt's ministry of Antiquities will probably put the mummy on display at a museum in Luxor.