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I have since lodged a police report and terminated my credit card.

wai I too have sent many email explaining that I didn't ask for this service. They said I had to sign & return the form to cancel Premium Membership of I would be charged again. Then an email saying that as they couldn't get payment from me they were going to add it to my next payment & it would keep mounting up unless I pay it.

Now I knew it;s a scam and I felt lucky that I didn;t send the money. This morning as Feb 5th, 2013, 2 month since I last talked to be2 people. All I would say is they are clearly scammers, reputable companies dont operate this way! How come they never use your name in correspondents, what legal firm addresses someone as be2 user?

My name is Colin Kelly and my Email address is [email protected] the web site was Premium LUX Because the web site has been deleted I have no other information I hope this has helped and Thanks .

I along with most other users of the internet have a great amount of trust in the service that we all enjoy .

They then said it states in the Terms and Conditions that If I didn't cancel within a month it would automatically renew onto a Premium membership costing £149!

I have been arguing with them for 3 weeks now and they now say they're getting the debt collectors on my case..... If they one to go to court then go to court any court would throw this out.

I paid 5 CDN for a first month tryout, then I found this site is a crap so I stopped using it.


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