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If you want to explore a wider variety of Asian women with a very reputable and proven Asian dating site, Cherry Blossoms is your place to go.Special Note: Cherry Blossoms, which already offers very affordable pricing, is currently offering a special price available to all ABC readers.We highly recommend checking out all of these posts.

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Cherry Blossoms also has good immigration support based on their many years of experience if you need that service.

Similar to Filipino Cupid, I have seen Black men of all ages do well at Cherry Blossoms.

Opposite side of the equation here: It depends upon the Asian girl/woman and it depends upon here they live.

In my experience, Asian women from Southeast Asia (the Philippines, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand and Burma, etc) seem to have fewer inhibitions about dating black men, Americans, Africans, etc.

You really have to be focused on your requirements and needs on Filipino Cupid because there are lots of beautiful Filipinas on this site and it’s easy to get distracted if you are not hyper-focused on finding the qualities you need in a woman.


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