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The site has an Ojibway name "Nogojiwanong" which means "the place at the end of the rapids".The year 1825 marked the arrival of Irish immigrants from the city of Cork to Scott's Plains.I found them much more intelligent than I expected. Thomas Poole, a nineteenth century writer, wrote that all 2024 passengers boarded nine ships in June 1825, with everything they owned, from Cork across the Atlantic Ocean to Quebec City.

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The mill was located at the foot of present-day King Street and was powered by water from Jackson Creek.

This location, adjacent to the Ontario government Ministry of Natural Resources building, and Peterborough's Millennium Park may have been the site of landfall for a portage which connects in a direct line with Bridgenorth.

It is named in honour of Peter Robinson, an early Canadian politician who oversaw the first major immigration to the area. First Nations groups probably entered into the area across Bering Sea, through Alaska, millennia ago (exact dates unknown).

Woodland Natives inhabited the area circa 1000 BCE – 1000 CE, followed by Iroquois and Mississaugas circa 1740 CE.

Electricity was one of the reasons Quaker Oats moved to the city, and as part of Pepsi Co, remains a major fixture in the downtown area to this day.


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