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However, in those times of need, the best single mothers of the world (mine being at the top of the list) may lean on others, but she never acquiesces to the White Knight.

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Of course, she’s real;y nothing more than a plot device to provide backstory of the main character, but when you really think about it, isn’t that what parenting is? She’s wounded and afraid but she’s not petrified into inaction.

She makes it up as she goes along and isn’t afraid to be alone.

Carol Connelly (Helen Hunt) from “As Good As It Gets”Carol Connelly is the 1990s version of a 1950s single mom Hollywood stereotype: down and out, harried and hanging on by the skin of her teeth — every day.

Even Hunt’s wardrobe even looks like it was stolen from a cobwebbed RKO building.

This move is depicted as an empowering win for all involved.


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    He was a drinker who didn’t contribute to the housekeeping, a very angry man who beat me for misdemeanours such as wandering outside my designated play area, and he regularly hit my mum.