Streamray veronicas dating


so it is very easy to add models who essentially work for you in your own model account.

I haven't done it but I do like how if I click on create stream I can add a model on my account and we could do couple shows together.

sometimes I get guys peek in the gold show while I am in private most of them on SM don't even talk so they are getting the voyeur show experience.

I don't get many minute men when I get privates or nude shows on cams which helps a lot with getting the time on SM gold shows. but both sites I get the spenders staying for 5 minutes or longer. space reasons I am thinking a desktop for one site and a laptop for another site and have them close by so I can split the 2 sites I don't need to split more sites maybe I will split imlive but right now I am just trying to build a steady business wtih cams and sm. I am tired of them sending me an e-mail with a rule I broke and me having to explain it.

so I know it will maximize my earnings and online presence. If you are in nude chat you must be at least topless.