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Newsreaders on Ghanaian television often wear clothes made from African fabric and credit their designers on air. Women on average wear more clothes made of African fabric than men.All this happens, even though jeans and t-shirts are much cheaper than getting cloth, taking it to a tailor etc.

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No one is arguing that Africans should wear skins and hides and bark clothes, African fashion and dress has also evolved on its own terms, picking and dropping influences from other places and from within and thus, there is such a thing as contemporaneous African fashion that is neither a direct imitation of precolonial dress nor mimicry of colonial and contemporary European fashion.

A contemporaneous culture has grown besides the sanctioned postcolonial condition, which most times as in the case of fashion serves an imperial purpose.

Part of the colonial ideology was the labelling of the entire culture of the colonised as uncivilised.

Thus clothes also became an ideological battlefield for superiority and inferiority.

On arrival at Jomo Kenyatta and Entebbe International airports, an alien from Mars can be forgiven for thinking that Uganda and Kenya remain colonies of Britain to date.