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While it’s not free for viewers, camming offers a level of intimacy and interactive play that most sites cannot — and people do pay, some for hours at a time.

You don’t exactly advertise to your friends what you do all day. Little Red Bunny told me about the double life she has to live. People around me don’t know what I do, but I am fine with that.

I like to work at night, so I guess I don’t go out much with people, but I decide all my hours and I can work whenever I want.” Little Red Bunny is currently campaigning to get votes for the 2015 AVN webcam award.

She’s the reigning queen of an adult industry you know nothing about — or aren’t publically willing to admit you know.

Her sultry French accent only adds to her mystique, and with some of the things she can do with her body …

It is like a gathering of friends, and I am simply an erotic host who provides a stimulating show at the same time.” But putting your life on camera isn’t exactly a simple matter.